Keno is similar to Lotto. Very popular and is played at most casinos and bingo halls. Almost all online casinos offer online keno. Online keno can be found in the online casino's bingo section or specialty game section. Keno is an exciting pastime and, most importantly, it offers the possibility of winning large payouts on relatively small wagers.


Keno's popularity is undeniable. Little bouncing balls, great odds and easy rules make Keno great fun and perfect online entertainment. Just like in Keno games that you would play on paper, in online keno, you can bet and enjoy lots of chances to win cash prizes - for very little effort.


Here's how it works: 

  •  Simply choose a betting amount or a Keno Ticket

  •  Select the total amount of numbers to play.

  •  Mark spots on the Keno board according to your chosen numbers to play.

  •  Once you've placed your bet and chosen your desired numbers. Tip: Many Keno Players have found choosing the same numbers consistently increases the odds of winning. Similar to a lottery.



 You are paid according to the numbers that roll-out on the keno balls and chosen bet. In Keno, 20 different balls are drawn from a set of 80. If you are playing keno online, draws are private which means that you can trigger a draw as soon as you have chosen the numbers. Keno is a very straightforward game and the fact that there aren't many rules to follow makes it even simpler.


 For each draw you can choose up to 15 numbers. The player decides the amount of money to bet and can then choose how many numbers to mark on the ticket. There is a minimum of 3 numbers and maximum of 15 numbers.


Winnings are determined by the following factors: how much money the player wagered, how many Keno numbers the player selected and how many selected numbers actually matched with the numbers drawn.


Although there are several ways to play the game, they don't necessarily give better odds; all is explained in more detail throughout the rest of this site.

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