Straight Tickets

The Straight Ticket is the most commonly used ticket in keno both online keno and Las Vegas keno rooms. You select 1-15 numbers and depending on the casino you can purchase as little as 5c to $1.40 per selection. When purchasing a straight ticket you may bet multiples of that rate and receive a payout commensurate with that prices. Straight tickets are the easiest to mark, the easiest to write and the easiest to calculate.


20 Spot Ticket

This ticket lets bettors pick up to twenty numbers.  Giving tremendous payouts for hitting more than fifteen numbers, 20-spot is just like a straight game but with more difficult odds of winning.


Split Tickets

When you wish to write two or more straight tickets as one time using one keno blank, the easiest way to do this is with a split ticket.

Split ticket utilizes two or more groups of numbers, separated from each other in some manner. Typically a line is drawn between the groupings of numbers or circle one or both of the groups. The most important thing when writing a split ticket is to make certain the keno writer understands that they were given a split ticket.


Way Tickets

A way ticket can be defined as a keno ticket marked with at least three equal groups of numbers, each group combining with the other groups to form several straight ticket combinations. Way tickets are simple to write and simple to figure out, and give you added possibilities for winning.


Combination Tickets

These are the most complicated and versatile of all keno tickets, and few players use them or even know they exist. They are filled in, using the same keno blank that is used for other tickets, but they add to the gambling thrill of keno by making use of various combinations to try for a win.

Some combinations tickets are so complicated that they can really tax the mind and ingenuity of both player and writer. Therefore, when writing really complicated tickets it’s a good idea to consult with the keno writer about minimum rates and the possible combinations resulting from the ticket so that there is no mistake concerning the payoffs that might result if any of the combinations hit. Remember at the end of the day, although we’re having fun, is to make money! note: Combination tickets can become very expensive due to all the ways inherent in even the simplest of tickets, and as game after game goes on, these costs can really add up.


King Tickets


A king ticket can be defined in its most simple form as any ticket that contains a single circled number. However, when you have one circled number in combination with other groups of numbers, also circled, you have the most versatile of all tickets.


Multi-Game Keno


This keno game lets players use the same ticket for successive games in a row.  Depending on the casino, this can range from 2 to 1,000 consecutive keno games.  The multi-game ticket lets you keep playing the same exact numbers for each ball drawing.  At the end of your cards run, you can then collect your cash winnings.


Special Tickets


Typically these are not recommended to play - unless you're an extremely lucky person! Special tickets are typically one time promotions that entice players by giving them a 'too good to be true' senario. The casino edge is typically a much higher percentage since the promotion needs to at least break even or come close to make it worthwhile for the casino. (think overhead & return on investment) That being said, it all depends on the terms and the specific promotion.